10 Signs how TWIN FLAMES Spot Each Other | 'Breathtakingly Beautiful' | Watch This! | Ralph Smart

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  1. If you're reading this, new blessings are coming your way, now and always.

    NOW AVAILABLE] The New Book: Feel Alive By Ralph Smart: http://www.ralphsmart.com/thebook

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  2. Ralphy baby you just killed me!! Constantly being led to our past lives together in Ancient Egypt as we are starseeds! As soon as you said that 1111 came on the oven clock!! Love you 💙💙💙

  3. We are 11 days, 11 years apart..But I didn't really ever realize the math til now. We were both born this month, the 12th month in December. I didn't realize about the 11, 11 tie between us until his birthday which was the 12th…omg 11 days ago, today! 11/11/11..Just realized that too…and today is my birthday! All the things you said were spot on…it is almost freaky…especially #2, #6, and #7 gave me chills.

  4. The diet alignment, that's the first I ever heard of that. I am not sure about his daily diet…will have to look into that..would you say that is a rule? Make or break? I am usually pretty healthy and I cook most times..he doesnt cook much, his mom does. I have an injury so I cant cook right now. I peeped his trunk one day on a late supermarket quick run and it was mostly cold stuff and microwavable frozen stuff. He wanted to take me to dinner bec there was nothing warm in there, haha! But most times I do those boxed things and frozen meals if I am in a rush, cant cook and mainly non-gmo and organic.But cooking much less this year injured. I am more about eating healthy but not obsessed anymore. He is obsessed with working out. I cant as hard now after a crash but I grew to like outdoor stuff moreso now, out of necessity. I cant lift, use much equipment, so the gym is more his place than mine..he loves going so much he has to wake up at 5 am no matter how little sleep he gets in order to go, hes disciplined that way. He's in business…I am a night owl, Im an artist but working on early rising-we don't twin that way sleep pattern and profession wise but I feel like he brings out more of a discipline from me vs the fluidity I have as an artist…and I am sure he finds me colorful and more whimsical and less into the business management stuff…he's in bed pretty early, I am up later usually, but we both are super spontaneous so if we wanted a date late he would get out of bed to take me somewhere like drive to a canyon view or for cupcakes and a stroll late. So it almost feels like a balance…Every single detail doesnt match exactly or he would be in the arts. Since the accident I cant do as much in a gym, but he tells me don't get lazy now…so he is solid physically, where I am recuperating, physically not as strong right now. He is obsessive with sports competitions, physical challenges and loves the gym, where I need to use the outdoors, trails, etc, for resistance not heavy workout or indoor weights. I am not sure if I'd still be gym obsessed like I used to be if I was not adapted from recuperating so many years now… but I used to be an athlete and dancer, so I guess that answers my question! But I don't think I will ever be as obsessed with going to the gym as he gets. The diet thing though…hmmmm, it kinda reminds me of some couples where the guy loves watching sports and the wife doesnt care for it…is that one thing really a dealbreaker in your opinion???….even if everything else lines up?

  5. This is a confirmation i met my twin flame!!! Ever since i met him, we keep seeing 11:11!!!! Like it’s crazy we see this number every time we text each other, or hangout! It’s so beautiful.. I can explain it!! I get very shy around him and I don’t understand it because im actually out going but he makes me feel, like overly
    Loved if that make sense!! He is just amazing and I can’t wait to see how it’ll be in the new coming year 🥰❤️🙏🏽✨Capricorn and Pisces✨

  6. I meet my twin 3/18.The first time i meet him on TV singing and playing the piano i said there he is.On 8/18 his old soul cane to the lobby of my job and torched me with an electricity like energy engulping my brain and my body.This phenomenon made me think about him all day.Thenn
    i watched a similar video as above on this channel 8/15/18 @ Ralph Smart and his video of I have nothing with red background pop on my phone screen and a powerful energy as high as an lightning volt came out of his video and hit me in my chest and knock me unconscious.I would have died but God revive me.My 2 grown up kids told me that electricity was out in my apartment. Then his young version appeared on St.Jones Beach looking at me like he knew me.Twinflame connection is not for the faint of heart because it will turn yourself up side down.My twinflame help me return to God after 40 years of absence.It helped me bacame the best version of myself.it helped love myself fully.This connection brought me my higher self.in person we meet face to face 6/20/19 and 8/15/2020.He is the runner and i am the chaser.We communicate on youtube channels of which most of them belongs to him.We never spoke in person.it is a divine connection manuevered by God to influence higher vibration on planet earth.We are lover in 5D.I think my twin choose to marry others because he know i have higher calling of praying of mankind till my dying days the living and the dead.This connection taught me lot of lesson on love.that true love could only manifest in 3D.higher love in unison through meditation connect us in unison like we could fly and experience ECSTASY IN 5D.I could feel him when he needs me and he could feel me when i am extremely sad.It is truly a connection of the mind body and the soul.it brought me to be the best version of myself to value and love myself.AT 11:11 I am here making these comments.

  7. Thank you for this Ralph. I'm experiencing the effects of the connection and seeing the mirror. What you said about feeling them more then seeing them, I felt them to the core and it shook me with what I saw and felt. She saw it too, at the same time and we agreed on the power.

    It's only been maybe 1-2 weeks and I'm already changing so many things in my life. It's like my mind, body and spirit are getting ready for a journey. The energy is immense and I don't even get to speak to her a lot for fear of "doing to much". This has been the toughest thing for me, but most exciting.

  8. Hi Beautiful Soul,,THANK you for address I g the twin flame story .My hubby and I just celebrated our most amazing 46 yr Twin flame Connection and on the Dec 21st 2020,,Excited for Earth and HUMANITY and New GOLDEN Age of AQUARIUS,, Love is the new way ,Namaste

  9. Twin flames don't always meet in person. I met mine but we are 1000+ miles away and it hurts sometimes that i cant be with them. I've never been with them in person but i feel them so deeply that it's overwhelming we're so far apart.

  10. I met my twin 2017! I felt him 6 months before I met him in the physical. It was amazing. After we met in physical. That's when I had my awakening. I went through a dark night of the soul/ separation I cried for weeks after we met. This journey has been amazing 🥰 I have grown so much since we met. He has too. We are clearing karma. We are back in speration. The obession has stopped. We both know that we will come into union. Love yourself and love you all. I thank God everyday for this beautiful life.

  11. My husband was my twin flame, and all this is accurate. When we first met, it felt like I was getting picked up from the airport by someone I loved, and finally going home after a long, lonely journey. He passed away at age 35 in September. I’m privileged that he got to experience our love before he passed.

  12. I need to be a better man.
    I need to be better to myself.
    I need to be better to those around me.
    I am prepared to make sacrifices.
    It has already begun.
    Ralph, thank you for your wisdom & guidance.

  13. I needed this "hey you will never find someone as beautiful as me because I'm just so bomb. I'm so fire. and that's why twin flames are so cool with it. They are secure within themselves." I finally got to this stage on my journey… it is the hardest most painful experience and I wish nobody not even my worst enemy to go through this. You truly have several rebirths. Beautiful video… made me cry!

  14. I feel like Twin Flame and Karmic are the same. I met someone in 2017 it felt right that time. End of 2018 I fell pregnant the relationship became toxic. He was in and out of my life. Today he came back after he ran away last year. I'd rather have a soul mate than a twin flame.

  15. I thought I’ve connected with my twin flame but he was just a great actor..I’m never going to give up because he’s trying to connect..well..we’re trying to connect!! Thanks for sharing!!

  16. I found a green beetle in my sink a few moment ago, and decided to help them out. As I took them outside to find a place to perch them on a leaf, they flew off. I was so surprised I said it aloud; "you can fly?". I feel the message is that I'm stuck in a sink, and just need a little help out, so I can trust in my wings. Flying on my way to union baby! ☺️🐞💚

    I wanna see what you look like
    When your soul smiles inside
    I wanna chase the high tide
    That hits when we collide
    (Collide – Paris Jackson)

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