108Hz + 256Hz + 1024Hz || "PURE SOUL" || Music for Aura Cleanse

108Hz + 256Hz + 1024Hz || “PURE SOUL” || Music for Full Body Aura Cleanse

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Music by @Dilpreet Bhatia Recorded at @Meditative Mind studios
Video and cover art features beautiful graphics by Benjavisa Ruangvaree (MM1170317155) . Motion Graphics by Meditative Mind Team.

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Healing Music for Meditation & Sleep

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  2. May your life force energy flow freely & abundantly. 🔥 May you feel the bliss of the present moment ❤️ May you raise yourself and ascend to the highest planes 🔱 may love always win! 🙏🏻Namaste🙏🏻

  3. This gives me the calm, strong energy I need to keep going. It makes me happy and productive 🙂 Everything is going to be okay! Even if things aren't okay right now, they will get better. Every day is a new day and you never know what it might bring!

  4. Like below

    It will be a good button for the future from tomorrow

    Don't hold anything, take a deep breath when you're tired, and sigh or speak out when you're alone to get rid of stress

    It's not good to store stress in anything.

    Good luck to everyone. I'm doing a lot of work, I'm a student, and I'm a world of ten people with different personalities and appearances, so I think there are many differences and different values.

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  5. DISCOVER and Understand the DIFFERENCE, between The SOUL and "LIFE The Real Self"…
    The SOUL is "The Processing System of LIFE". Period….
    "LIFE The Real Self", is the One using "The Processing System of LIFE". Period…
    The human PRIMATE, is just part of a 'Holographic Simulation', produced by a Program/s, played in "The Processing System of LIFE". Period…

  6. I humbly ask the One to please look after all life forms on this beautiful planet and to ease their suffering in the hard times we are all living through. Allow them to find peace and shelter during chaos, love and beauty among the hatred and ugliness, and compassion and empathy among the uncaring. Allow them to find hope even in the darkest of times.

  7. Beautiful visuals love the music, it`s on my list for daily meditations. The effort you put into these videos is our bliss.
    Keep on doing this, you are contributing to people's spiritual journey.
    Love love and love – The Meditative Experience. 🙏🙏🙏

  8. ⚜️ What is an aura?
    "This woman has such a peaceful and loving charisma."
    "When this man walks into the room, it's like the light comes on."
    "In the presence of this person, my heart is always warm."
    Statements of this kind tell of something that we perceive but cannot see directly: It is about a person's charisma, their aura. The skin is our tangible boundary to the environment. But our being is far from over with that. We don't just consist of the body. Our feelings and our thinking enrich us with energy. This soul and spiritual force field radiates beyond the body, it is our aura.

    Every person is surrounded by an aura. Every animal, every plant, even stones – everything in our universe that is filled with life in any form has an aura around it. It is the life force that we radiate far beyond the visible body. People with very high spiritual development have an aura that shines for miles. They appear to be surrounded by a radiant, bright light.

    ⚜️ Dirty aura?
    Bad feelings like envy, anger, and hatred, as well as destructive and poisonous thoughts can pollute the aura. Most of the time, no other people are needed, we ourselves are the trigger. Our own worries, problems and inconsistencies are what make the aura cloudy and weaken us.
    The aura can also be weakened by energy robbers. These are people who suck up energy. It is important to know that this usually does not happen out of bad intent, but out of lack of it and ignorance of how to fill the energy leak. They do not know the access to their own source of strength, so they try to dock with others to get energy.
    If your own aura is polluted or weakened, this can become noticeable through constant fatigue. Bad moods, addictions, irritability and listlessness can also result.

    ⚜️ Aura cleansing:
    … wellbeing and satisfaction
    In the course of our lives we repeatedly have experiences that have a negative impact on us. Some events can be remembered, others are suppressed or not even consciously perceived. All of this can disrupt our energy flow. Symptoms can manifest themselves in the body, such as: allergies, pain, restricted mobility, ailments of many kinds. On the other hand, mental symptoms can also arise, such as anxiety, lack of self-confidence, grief and much more.

    First the dense energies are removed in order to then lead back clean energy. This new, pure energy floods the layers of the aura. After an aura cleansing, the chakras work better, well-being and satisfaction can arise.

    ❕Aura cleansing does not replace a visit to the doctor or alternative practitioner.

    Here are a few ways to aid cleaning:
    – Take off your shoes and go barefoot
    – cleaning baths
    – burn insens
    – cleaning with
    – Harmonization with sounds
    – Sacred symbols
    – Visualize and ask for help

    In order to find the most suitable method for you, it is best to inform and read up on a wide variety of methods and variants via the internet.

    Sending light and love to you 🙇🏻‍♂️❤️

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