Beautiful Celtic Flute Music for Sleep and Deep Relaxation | Fall Asleep Faster

Beautiful Celtic Flute Music for Sleep and Deep Relaxation | Fall Asleep Faster

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Credits :
Music Production, Composition : @Dilpreet Bhatia
Artwork Image : Valery Rybakow / Shutterstock

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  1. I love this song and it does put me to sleep but then when the commercials come on, they wake me up out of my deep sleep and my heart starts racing. It hurts me that these are on here and I can't listen this anymore. Is there any way you can please turn the commercials off? They are so loud when they come on too. Please and thank you,

  2. 🔴Before you listen to this; I wanted to tell you, that you are beautiful and exceptional. Also your a phenomenal human being; I love you and I hope more positive experiences will start happening in your life, if they haven't already. Keep moving forward my friend; start adopting positive and beneficial habits & behaviors. Eat healthy and treat yourself with kindness, in addition to others also. Fair well my friend; God Bless you ❤️

  3. 🛑 STOP. WHOEVER SEES THIS I WANT YOU TO KNOW ….. I LOVE YOUUUU SOOOOO MUCHHHH😃😃❤️💖💖💖💙💚💛🧡❤️❤️💜🤍💓 ✨✨ hope you have a great day :=)

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  5. Beautiful music. 💛 To whoever is reading this, may you be blessed abundantly. 🙏 Remember to take the time for yourself to sit, be still, and just breathe. Each breath is a gift. We have no control over anything in the world, we only have control over our own inner peace. Take good care of yourselves and just 'Be'. 💞🙏💞

  6. Meditative Mind, you guys have no idea about the meaningful impact you have on the lives of people around you. Your music, and your audio pieces are so very soulful that they cannot help but bring tears to people's eyes.. Keep up the good work, and never stop spreading the light. To all my fellow humans listening to this, fear not the darkness, for what is darkness but the herald of the arrival of the first light of dawn not far off? Amen, and peace be upon all of you 🙏🙌

  7. I’ve seen many videos to help me sleep. This is the only one that’s worked for me♥️ It is so calming and peaceful, even my dog loves it! Thank you🙏🏻💕

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