Billie Eilish Reacts To Green Hair Jokes Mocking Her Look

Billie Eilish slams haters during an Instagram Live. Halsey reacts to being dragged on Twitter. Plus – Rihanna is being sued.
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Billie Eilish Reacts To Green Hair Jokes Mocking Her Look



  1. I don't really care if she changes her hair colour or not,I love her and I support any decision she makes,don't change your hair colour if you don't want to Billie and I love the green it defines the sweet,kind,happy,caring and beautiful person you are.

  2. Devonte!! Love you! 💜 MTS is right about the sex thing. Plus, male rappers have been rapping about females and sex for years. Why is it so shocking when females do it? Happy Holidays, everyone! 💗🎄💗

  3. Billie's logic makes no sense…the people who are trolling her are not her fans, so not putting out her album isn't going to hurt them, it's going to hurt her fans. That said, Billie Eilish is a very boring celebrity. It's like she has no life beyond making music and performing…like…girl…get a life…get a boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever…do you and live…you are legal now. LIKE this comment if you agree with me…COMMENT if you don't agree with me!

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  5. I dont think Billie understands that's she's Internet famous, telling people on the internet to stop doing something will just make then want to do it more. Billie needs to learn to just laugh it off, especially at her status she can't just get upset at stuff that doesn't affect her financially. Not releasing an album just because of a few jokes is pure childish, you people use the excuse that she's 19. Come on now she's old enough to live by herself and she wont release an album because of a few jokes ok…. You fans need to improve aswell, give Billie advice dont just use her young age to defend her.

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