Calling Out Tattoo Copycats | Tattoo Artists React

Put yourself in the shoes of a tattoo artist for a second. You’re relaxing after a long day at the shop, scrolling through the ol’ Instagram. What pops into your feed but a tattoo that looks hauntingly familiar. But, something is off. You remember creating this piece of art a couple of months ago, but here it is, on someone else’s feed and don’t rather poorly. Is this an episode of “The Twilight Zone?” No, it’s just the work of a tattoo copycat. We asked our panel of artists what they thought about tattoo copiers, and most importantly, how they felt when they saw their own work copied.

This is our final episode of Season 14, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we have. But don’t worry, we’ll be back with a whole new group of tattoos for Season 15 in a couple of weeks!

Thanks for watching!

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Anthony Christian
Boris Bianchi
Bradley Silver
Dan Czar
Deanna Maffeo
Jesse Levitt
Joey Perez
Kasey Gonzalez
Mike Devries
Nick the Tailor
Nico Perez
Nora Ink
Pony Lawson
Raphael Barros
Robby Latos
Sara Fabel
Sasha Masiuk
Thom Bulman
Victoria Todd
Woah Kat


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