DIY PUFF SLEEVE DRESS // reformation inspired (save your $$$)

Definitely my favorite dress BY FAR. Just need to find a cute sunflower field to prance around in now.

My version is a little different from the original but you can make the original with these steps too! I made this for 5% of the price (yes, I did the math) so you are definitely saving some coin doing it yourself!

p.s. I’m sorry if the quality is a little off I swear it was fine but then got worse once the video uploaded. Your girl is TRYING we can’t all be ashley from bestdressed

EDIT: I just watched this video for the first time since uploading it…and WOW it is not great (especially the audio at the beginning, I am so sorry for your ears) THANK YOU FOR STILL WATCHING! I promise I’ll work on making these videos better and more thorough 🙂

half-circle skirt tutorial:
invisible zipper tutorial:


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