DIY The Perfect Summer Dress | Sewing with @coolirpa

I’m so in love with this creation! Definitely one of my favorite creations I’ve made 🙂

#Sewing #Fashion #Coolirpa

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  1. Is there any way you can tell us in your videos how long it takes you to make easy item so we can get an idea how long it will take us? I know personally I'd probably tripple the time 🤦🏼‍♀️double it vecause I lack your kills and tripple it to account for the fact that I'm a paraplegic so can't walk around the table or crawl Around on the floor to cut things so it takes longer to cut and drag my lower body to the next part or pin everyting before I cut do I cab move it around while I cut

  2. Young Lady, you are a smart girl. i do love to sew do alterations and love to make stuff for my self. but my thing is that i am chunky on the middle, so if you have any ideas that you can share and how to measure around my tummy and butt to alter dresses pants because i do not now how to do. i love all your ideas. any way thank you in advance.

  3. Love the dress! About to try and make the same one myself! A question if anyone can answer: how is she hemming the edges while they're gathered with the elastic? (ex for the ends of sleeves and front/back necklines) Do you just fold it over and sew on top of the elastic again? Do I put the elastic a little bit away from the edge, and fold that extra fabric over to create a "tunnel"? Thanks!! 💖

  4. I have a question…. when you say 50 inches u mean front and back both sides together 50 inches or just the front side ….. i am making this for my daughter but i am a bit confused at this point.

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