Dr. Steve Perry On Schooling During COVID-19, School Choice, + Bringing Confidence To Students

Dr. Steve Perry addresses the education system in America and speaks on schooling during COVID-19, school choice, getting parents more involved in the education of their children, and bringing more confidence to students about teachers and the education system.

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  1. It's hard to have racism places that we OWN. I never got kicked out a restaurant especially one that was black owned. Or a clothing line being racists when it's black owned.

  2. As a teacher it’s been hard for the kids. Hit me up if anyone wants to do something great for education. My Instagram is BookOfMichael . I’m an educator and author. I look up to Steve

  3. School choice is just a way to get more money to schools in the suburbs. As if everyone can afford to pay for Uber or drive their kid 60 minutes to school.

    The reality is people who can't afford to send their kids to his school will STILL not be able to send their kids to his school. However, the existing parents will get reimbursed for the tuition they were paying anyway, taken from the poorest kids.

  4. Charter school are just an inc pathway to the privation of public school which will be a disastrous. Yes there are strong issue with the public school system but the answer is to fix our public school not destroy them. And trust if you think it’s bad now wait till people like him successfully destroy all public school where are poor kids going to go now. The slogan school choice is just that a slogan. They’ve trying to sell you a false bill of goods.

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