FIT IT ALL – Custom Scooter Build by SkatePro #30

Looking for the most customizable custom stunt scooter? 💪
Then grab one of our latest – The Fit It All. The key focus of this custom scooter was to create a whip that would have the highest level of compatibility with other parts. And to make sure that this bad-boy would Fit It All – We went for two sizes where the deck and wheel size change from the small over to the big version.

Mike and the workshop crew did a killer job of combining a delicious row of parts from Native, Longway, Above, Ethic, and Drone.

This is a limited edition pro scooter and we have only made a small amount of it. It’s delivered completely assembled and dialled in, built by our experienced scooter experts. The assembly cost is included in the price.

See the complete here!👇


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