I'M GOING TO WIN – Best Self Discipline Motivational Speech

I’M GOING TO WIN – Best Self Discipline Motivational Speech EVER!

Tony Robbins
Les Brown
Jim Rohn
Grant Cardone
Freddy Fri

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  1. Yes, Laziness is the destroyer for dreams. I know but internet addiction gets in the way.

    I tried a lot but it’s not working.

    If I keep the phone down I feel like I’ll miss out a lot while in reality I miss out on the only life I have.

    Life is too short for regret. I know the pain of regret can’t be compared to the pain of disciple because in the end you are happy to endured it but the pain of regret has no outcome.

    When I step away from the internet I feel a light panic attack. Like what If I want to learn something? Or a cook receipts ? But when I have access to the internet I’m not even doing these things.

    I’ve come to a realisation that I’m not using social media or the internet.

    I’m the one who’s being used.

    It takes all my interest in life away, I don’t feel like doing anything or prioritise my sleep.

    Like I digital zombie I just exist.

    I need to quit now.

    And I will no longer abandon my dreams for humans and especially addictions such as this one.

    I don’t want to leave this world with my last thought of regret and be like I wished I’ve done more.

  2. Anyone reading this! Congratulations!! You are investing in yourself and your future by listening to this. You have already taken a massive step. Keep the momentum going! You can make your dreams come true! 💪

  3. I started to better myself became a father this year everything had to change responsibilities now….no stronger motivation to not let your kid down grind hard DAILY ❤️

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