Kim Kardashian Marriage Drama Exposed On KUWTK Final Season?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s marriage woes will be showcased in the final season of Keeping Up according to a new report. Plus, Kanye might already be thinking about the 2024 presidental race.
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Kim Kardashian Marriage Drama Exposed On KUWTK Final Season?



  1. I feel like they should've been got a divorce I think for Kim especially its not easy dealing with someone with mental health issues and beings though she has a image to protect she dealt with it for as long as she could but its only so much someone can take even Kim has a Breaking point I'm Sure And she Has Children You don't want to expose her children to this kind of thing good thing they are Young Right Now But this Should've Been Happened

  2. Yaas! Honestly I'm so glad their divorce is gonna be on KUWTK cus it wouldn't feel right if it didn't. They were always open and showed soo much and if they could've shown Khloe getting cheated by Tristan and Kourtney and Scott fallout and their fights they sure as hell can show this divorce too. Why would Kim be excluded?!

  3. These Hollywood stars don't take marriage very seriously. Do they not realize that they stand in front of all of their loved ones, their pastor/preacher & God & make a Oath & promise to love one another through sickness & health, till death they do part? Kim, this will be divorce #3 for you. I really hope for the sake of your children, you & Kanye can find that spark. I also hope if the rumors are true about Kayne's mental health, that he is willingly & ready to seek help. ❤

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