Kim Kardashian Reacts To Ariana Grande Engagement

Kim K and more react to Ariana Grande getting engaged. Plus – Miley wants to have a what with who?
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Kim Kardashian Reacts To Ariana Grande Engagement



  1. I am SO happy for her… I wish her nothing but happiness like she deserves….. BUT.. Arianators, you know who I am talking about; Please Please stop spreading hate towards Selena Gomez.. You know who you are .. She literally did not move a finger and y'all spreading Awful hate and death threats???… Even on her Mothers instagram ..Like WHYY ..Give me a valid, logical reason as to why. If you dont like her then just simply leave her alone! PLEASEEEEEEE SHE DOES NOT DESERVE THIS

  2. i really hope ariana and dalton last… she seems so happy 😩🥺🥺. she doesn’t need anymore heartbreaks. she’s been doing soooo good 🥺😩dalton protect her heart please … protect our angel 🥺

  3. So many people who congratulated Ari but OF COURSE you highlight the worthless of the bunch Kim kartrashian 🙄She trying to throw ppl off her explosive divorce3🤭past few years hasnt ended too well with the kartrashian family. Hopefully kanye escapes the Adams family before the year is out

  4. Folks are congratulating them as if they got married or something…what a JOKE. An ENGAGEMENT in Hollywood these days is just a PUBLICITY STUNT…THANK YOU, NEXT!!!

  5. I'm very happy for her. . Best wishes to her and her new husband to be… and why is Kim in this who cares what she thinks… you know who made the Kardashians famous people they keep buying their crap and keep flooding them and ogling over them who cares what they're doing.. . Although I have to say Kim has done a lot of good things . But watching them or hearing about them doesn't make or break my life. . Congratulations to the Happy new couple

  6. Im sorry but I think Ariana needed some time after everything she has been through. I am really not sure if this is the right action nor will it last but we will see…

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