LA Dept. Of Mental Health Director Says Limit Alcohol & Social Media Use + Exercise During Pandemic

Melisa Rios of the Power 106 Morning Show popped in to have an extremely important conversation surrounding mental health during a time where a global pandemic has sadly taken a toll on most of us. Speaking with the Director of the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health, Dr. Jonathan Sherin, Rios not only gets tips on how to move forward and push through an adjusted moment in time where the coronavirus trauma has impacted the state of well-being, financial stability, familial relationships, and of course our health. When it comes to mental health awareness, Sherin gives vital advice that we can all begin to insert into our daily routines like continuing to exercise, staying away from social media as too much can be too much to handle, staying away from alcohol use, to even continuing to simply reach out to family and friends when coping with loneliness, and possible shame one may feel in comparison to being better off than someone else. Watch to see Dr. Sherin’s advice and the one thing that we all can do to stay strong during this unprecedented time.

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  1. How to cope with the new normal is very easy, live and let live, life is a gift, enjoy it, no matter what conditions, worrying and stressing will harm your health, clear your mind of negativity, adjust your lifestyle and behaviors so that the changes don`t affect your mental health in negative ways.

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