Logan Paul & Jake Paul React To Canelo Alvarez Diss

Logan Paul slams Canelo Alvarez in a new video. Plus, Jake Paul’s ex Julia Rose speaks on their recent break up. #LoganPaul #JakePaul #KSI
Starring Nicolas Gonzalez @nictack
Written & Edited By Nicolas Gonzalez @nictack

Footage provided by Celebrity Footage



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  1. wtf is mike talking about lmao he doesn’t know shit about boxing only blaming steroids bc he’s a beast who whooped a 6’3 giant and is now 5x division champion pipes all the champs that are heavier than him and dominates all the champions of other divisions lmaoo

  2. The Paul brothers are going to loose I’m guy Canelo can knock both of em out these two White boys smh the acting all tuff specially jake and Logan stop just stop your going to loose ur okay but going to loose

  3. How is it that Logan and Jake are disrespecting Boxing and logan paul hasnt lost in the ring? But if they was Black every one would be talking about how these random Youtubers are bad ass. Fuckn stupid!! Logan is undefeated i say give him his chance in the Pros and see if he gots a shot.

  4. Man I see all see comments about “oh but In a street fight they would whoop canelo “ lmfao yeah the fuck right . Canelo would rock both their shit . Paul took the fight with Floyd cause he’s old and it’s an exhibition fight and plus Floyd has always had pillow punches . Canelo would crack their ribs and jaws . Gtfo with all that bs . These dudes are little rich kids who got famous from doing dumb stupid shit at their parents mansions . Canelo grew up in the streets of Mexico fighting in the streets as a kid

  5. Canelo was younger when he fought Mayweather he was barely getting better at boxing during that time I say they need to rematch💯. Canelo might not win if he ever rematches Mayweather but I know he'll be better than last time he fought Mayweather💯

  6. Floyd accepted the fight with Logan because it’s easy money, fast, quick, he will KO him in less than 3 rounds, now Floyd would never accept a rematch with Canelo even though that’s the billion dollar fight, he wouldn’t risk his 50-0 and the chance of getting knocked down by Canelo because let’s be honest, he wouldn’t last 3 rounds

  7. Wtf do these boys actually believe that they are REAL boxers and deserve the same respect as canelo mayweather etc…. Y'all ARE just something to laugh at!!!! He fought an opponent whose NEVER boxed in his life and had limited training!! Do either of them actually ( in their warped minds) wholeheartedly believe that they stand a chance?!?!!!! If so… I want whatever their on!!! 🤦🤦🤦🤷🤷🙊💩😄😄😄

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