Machine Gun Kelly Reacts To Eminem Diss On 'Gnat'

Machine Gun Kelly reacts to Eminem possibly throwing some shade at him. Plus – Pharrell reveals some details about Pusha T and Drake feud.
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  1. Any guy that sounds up having a number one album and dating Megan fox, is a winner, at the end of the day. Eminem still keeps talking about MGK, SO HE IS JUST hating, at this point now, just let it go. MGK, is over it. Stop dwelling it's not looking well, Eminem.

  2. This vid gives no info on his reaction you could have just talked about the lines meaning and his reaction i didnt care about lil pump shaq and megan thee stallion just give me what Im looking for this is just no info at all I know I sound like a hater but i really could care less

  3. Mgk is just one of the fastly clip emptying machine guns being held and shot by an army of men trying to possibly kill and deal fatal amounts of damage to a gnat which I assume has some similarity to a behemoth or a juggernaut… By the way this isn't a serious comment

  4. Trash video. Main topic about em and mgk and proceeds to talk about nonsense I don't care about then has a small snippet about em and mgk at the end that everyone knew about already. Great video dude! 🚮

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