Make More Time for Yourself – Creating a Morning Routine

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Let’s chat about creating a mindful morning routine to set yourself up for having the best day, every day!

It is so important to prioritize moments of sacredness in your day, whether it be journaling, working out, or meditating, it is crucial for our self-care practice and spiritual journey.

In this video, we will discuss my 3 non-negotiable morning routine habits, as well as my fluctuating self-care list. When I take the time in the morning to separate myself from content consumption and the chaos of the world around me, I find my days are more productive and peaceful.

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[3:50] The importance of separating yourself from content consumption
[7:50] Regulating your internal clock
[9:30] The 8:8:8 rule
[10:35] Creating your own non-negotiable morning habits
[11:05] My 3 non-negotiable morning habits
[11:50] Morning self-care list
[14:00] Cycles of discipline and change

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