Making a Patchwork Jacket from Recycled Jeans | Sewing with @coolirpa

This project made me feel limitless. So many possibilities to create something awesome. Thanks for watching 🙂 #recycled #patchwork #coolirpa

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  1. This is sooo cool, I’m so inspired! Just wondering, did you use an industrial or normal sewing machine? I’m new to sewing and have been told an industrial is more appropriate for denim? Thanks 😊

  2. Hmm I might need to look into my stash of worn out jeans I knew I kept them for a reason! As someone with thick thighs who has a tendency to wear wholes in my pants finding ways to reuse them is great!

  3. I remember trying to make an apron in fashion design class and I was ABSOLUTELY terrible at it. Ever since then I'm afraid of the sewing machine so idk if I'd be able to do this, but I'd love to try! I love how this turned out!

  4. Can you please make something from scratch for 47 bust and waist size tutorial something like the gown you make from scratch from sequence fabric with capes plz if you share that tutorial in size 47 inches bust size and waist size

  5. Конечно интересное творчество , но жаль курточку новую, порезать на лоскут . Почему бы не использовать бывшую употреблении, и польза и душе радость. 😉😉😉😄

  6. Have you thought of maybe lining the bodice with some lightweight cotton? Just to cover those raw edges and make sure they don't get too messed up? Idk I actually really like lined jackets (even denim ones) and have added quilted/padded lining to a few of my spring jackets bc they didn't keep me warm enough

  7. looks quite interesting, but I think it would have been more interesting had the jacket been made fully of patchwork. It appears basicly an applicae on the jean jacket rather than a full patchwork garment.

  8. APRIL Please help me 🙏🏻😇❤️
    I’m planning to buy sewing machine for the 1st time, here in Australia. And I don’t know which one should I buy or what brand. Please tell me which one is good for beginner with good quality? Or what are the things should I check when buying sewing machine?

    I’m just making dresses for me and for my baby girl tho. 🤗💕 thank you in advance.

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