Mayor Bill De Blasio Announces NYPD 'Discipline Matrix' & Addresses MLK Protests & COVID-19 Update

Mayor Bill De Blasio joins Ebro in the Morning to discuss NYPD reform including the newly unveiled “discipline matrix” which sets mandatory penalties up to termination for misconduct such as racial profiling, excessive deadly force and intentionally making false statements from officers in the NYPD.

During the conversation, he also discusses some of the controversies surrounding peaceful protests on Martin Luther King Day, and reports of aggressive policing from the NYPD, as well as updates on COVID-19 and the vaccine rollout in the city.

You can visit the discipline matrix:

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  1. Who cares if yall have a "DISCIPLINE MATRIX" thats dependent on the officer being found guilty THE POINT IS THE OFFICERS ARE RARELY FOUND GUILTY 🤦🏾‍♂️

    He just tryna do something cuz he know Andrew Yang on his asa

  2. Worst mayor that New York City has ever had. Trump was the example of when you go too far right and Bill is the example of when you go too left. The city is a ghost town that has no new jobs with high rent, a transit system that’s going bankrupt, crime is going up in the hoods (in from the south Bronx) with gun violence quadrupling since this man has been mayor.

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