Meghan Markle Reacts To 'Bullying' Claims Ahead Of Opera Interview

Meghan Markle reacts to bullying claims ahead of her big interview with Oprah.
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Meghan Markle Reacts To ‘Bullying’ Claims Ahead Of Opera Interview



  1. Honestly I don’t get all the hate they get . Harry was never gonna be king. What happened to his mom traumatized him. Let him be happy with his wife and family.

  2. The palace didn't do a campaign smear as they wiped all the dirty truth about megan after they just got married. She is the source of saying it, as people are finially waking up and see her for what she is a Narrassist, if anything she's been taughting the Royals that interview that day his grandfather prince Phillip got changed to different hospitals and no care in the world. Where's the baby?? Prince Charles is still giving them their allowance from the British tax dollars wearing a 5000$ dress, climate change 7n their big suv all the private trips 14 bathrooms, yet what have they done that doesn't benefit them? She and Harry treated there staff rotten, many spoke up after their 40 million dollar wedding via the British tax dollars to quit the royal family so history won't repeat itself lol megan is no princess like Diana was no comparison. They wanted to live a private life yet they have more press on them now. She keeps pulling the race card meanwhile b4 Harry she claim she was white. They made money off his mother death and legacy imagine how William feels and that was a promise between the two. And if you look at the trailer of the video Harry wearing holy shoes while megan wearing Armani dress shoes bunch of jewelery and a different face….. megan is not what most people think. If she had the baby she would be toting him in a Birkin bag as she needs to b the center of attention.

  3. They need to just Let Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan live. They have a right to tell their story. The Royals toxic ways almost destroyed his mother, Princess Diana and she was killed while in the process of trying to move on.

    Meghan is beautiful & she is intelligent. The men who hate her so much couldn’t ever get a woman even half as beautiful as she is ANYWAY.

    I believe the British women who constantly bash Meghan are just mad at her not only because she’s beautiful, biracial & American but also because she was able to do what none of THEM couldn’t do & that’s marry Prince Harry.

    They are happy & thriving as a family. This had to come from the palace.

  4. 0:06: what's interesting is how the background has Olay on it and how I just was thinking about that earlier. And yesterday. I just was singing about Olay and thought about this instance. And Elle magazine? It may seem like nothing but it is. Access to my rfid chip. I just wanna make it clear that I believe the woman acting like my mom is oprah. And I am not Burke Ramsey. Doesn't oprah look like Patricia Ramsey? She does to me. 1:40: McDonald's in background. Travis scott is HARASSING me and my family with police and people coming to my job. He worked at McDonald's. Hacked my accounts and also linked to Meghan.

  5. Meghans behaviour was obviously covered up and not looked into at the time to spare embarrassment….. but it certainly should of been and the fact that it wasn't doesn't reflect well on BP…..

    The guy Jason Knauf (an American by the way) the Sussex's communications chief at the time, made the formal complaint that documented the treatment of 3 women who worked for the Sussexs……

    They obviously had enough of seeing the narrative that the Sussexs keep putting out that they were victims….they were bullied etc…when in reality that was what H and M had subjected others to….

    Also M deciding to wear the earrings from the butcher Prince of Saudi and getting her staff to lie to the media about their provenance…… very poor behaviour indeed…..

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