OM CHANTING @108Hz | 108 Times | Let go of all the Negativity

OM CHANTING @108Hz | 108 Times | Let go of all the Negativity

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Chants in this recording are sung in 108Hz + 216Hz . which corresponds to A = 432Hz. OM the primordial sound. the primary vibration. If there is one mantra that you would like to remember, which will help to balance chakras, remove the negative energy, creates positive energy flow and super helpful for physical and emotional body, that is OM. This version is around 30 mins long and OM is sung 108 Times. There is a big significance of the number 108 as illustrated in ancient vedic scriptures. 108 is the sacred number. This number is regarded as wholeness of existence. That’s why prayer mala has 108 beads, there are 108 upnishads.

If you have time, do chant this mantra for half an hour, and you will see the difference in your body, mind and around you. This mantra effects the aura you carry. It starts to glow more and more. Hopefully this will help you in positive way.

Audio : Composed, Arranged, Sung by @Dilpreet Bhatia at @Meditative Mind Studios.
Video and cover art features Oil Painting by Khomkrit Art (MM1241561014) . Motion Graphics by Meditative Mind Team.

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