Ozzy, Jack and Sharon Osbourne Explain How They Overcame Addiction

The 72-year-old rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, whose battle with alcoholism and drug addiction began in the 1970s, has been sober for about seven years.

“I thought I’d be drinking to the day I die,” says Osbourne, who took the first of his many trips to rehab back in 1984. His wife and longtime manager, “The Talk” co-host Sharon Osbourne, 68, struggled for years to keep the Black Sabbath frontman safe and capable of performing.

Ozzy, Sharon and their 35-year-old son, Jack, who has 17 years of sobriety, sat down with Variety’s Marc Malkin for an in-depth talk about substance abuse, its effect on families and what it’s like to seek treatment while living in the Hollywood spotlight.



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