Park-Our – Custom Scooter Build by SkatePro #23

“Stay strong, believe in yourself, never give up” are the wise words printed on Jon Marco’s signature deck by Lucky, which makes the platform for this red Park-our beast, put together by our main man Mike🙌

As the name suggests, The Park-our is designed for intense park shredding with its light Kronos Titanium T-bars, light Jon Marco Gaydos V3 light peg-cut deck, and fast ABEC9 Ninja wheels with its awesome 6-spoked aluminum T6 core in a matching red colorway.

This is a limited edition pro scooter and we only made a small amount of it. It’s delivered completely assembled and dialed in, built by our experienced scooter experts. The assembly cost is included in the price.
See here 👇

This complete Custom scooter is made from the following parts:

1x Lucky Jon Marco Gaydos V3 Deck
1x Longway Kronos Titanium Bar
1x Striker Revus SCS / HIC Fork
1x Tilt Arc Double Clamp
1x Cinema Lift Kit Headset
2x JP Ninja 6-Spoke Wheel
1x Stolen Hive SuperStick Flangeless Grips (Pair)


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