Patty Jenkins & Aaron Sorkin Talk 'Wonder Woman,' Streaming Wars And Their Old Day Jobs

“Wonder Woman 1984” director joined “The Trial of the Chicago 7” director Aaron Sorkin to compare notes on filming for Variety’s FYC Fest.

Things got hilariously tense after Jenkins revealed how much time Warner Bros. gave her to complete her followup film to the wildly successful “Wonder Woman.”

Sorkin: How much time did you have? You are about to give an answer that’s going to make me not feel sorry for you.
Jenkins: Two & a half years
Sorkin: Yeah, go to hell
Jenkins: And lots & lots of money
Sorkin: Go to hell again. Go twice.

The duo talked about making the leap from writing to directing, big action sequences, the current Hollywood pivot to streaming, and how they think A-list talent could shift the scales back towards theaters.

“We’re all scared that everything’s going to change now,” Aaron Sorkin said to Patty Jenkins. “That movie theaters are basically going to become, like, art houses, and that the films that you and I make will only be seen on streaming services.”


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