Re-Alignment Affirmations: Affirm Your Way to Belief & Faith in Yourself and the Universe

This affirmation track is for re-alignment, for remembering your divinity, remembering your connection to the universe – meaning to yourself, since you ARE The universe, you are the universe embodied.

When we remember our divinity, we release lower-vibrational emotions such as fear, judgment, hatred, jealousy, and more, and make way for all the greatness that is ours by divine birthright.

Listen to these affirmations at any time during the day – they will be most powerful first thing in the morning and as you are falling asleep. Put them on repeat while you work, drive, create,, work out, whatever it is and let them imprint on your subconscious mind.

What a person imprints on their subconscious mind shall become their reality – it is law.

What we put into our vortex, manifests in physicality, into our lives.

Be choosy about what you let into your sphere of consciousness all day long and every day, for it is you that gets to choose, you are the creator. Create with joy, have fun, be curious, and let’s begin.

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