ROOT CHAKRA HEALING || "COSMIC TINGLE SERIES" | Let go of fear, anxiety and worries

ROOT CHAKRA HEALING || “COSMIC TINGLE SERIES” | Let go of fear, anxiety and worries

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☊ cσѕmíc tínglє ѕєríєѕ

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Music by @Dilpreet Bhatia
Motion Graphics by Meditative Mind Team.

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  1. i’ve always had extreme anxiety, from internal and external sources. but these videos make me feel at peace. if the sound/color intimidates you, it is a sign that that chakra needs healing. allow your energy to flow. you can do it❤️

  2. Semen retention, yoga, meditation, gym workouts, journal and passionate work. If you do these things you will live in a state of abundance, peace, freedom, energy and empathy. And if you're a man, women will chase you, even find you magnetically attractive and want to own you. To all the women reading this; i appreciate your beauty. And for all the men; stay on your purpose. Let's collectively evolve and heal planet earth.

  3. I know this is supposed to be for the tooth chakra, yet I’m feeling it EVERYWHERE!!! What a powerful series you have created; I am grateful to receive the healing provided by this video. 👏👏👏👍🏻

  4. Jesus is the only way you will believe me very soon the judgement day is soon and every human being that has ever existed will confess with their own tongue that (JESUS IS THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS)

    Chose Jesus today so that you don’t feel eternal regret one day in the afterlife tomorrow isn’t promised for you

    I promise you if you accept Jesus as your lord and saviour it will be the best decision of your life i promise you this try please Jesus will change your life for the better even if you think your the best version of yourself Jesus is perfect and came to this earth to show his perfect ways so that we may follow. GOD BLESS THE WORLD
    #AMEN 🙌🙏

  5. Muladhara

    Muladhara or the root chakra is one of the seven primary chakras according to Hindu tantrism. It is symbolized by a lotus with four petals and the colour red.

  6. Thank you for your work and for helping me with my samadhi experience with your music. It is a divine gift, this healing process that has returned me to Source. Thank you! Soon I will post my story to my channel so that others can benefit. A hug!

  7. To anyone who needs healing and peace – go within, you have a great inner ability to heal. But also remember you have friends and always are supported – both in the physical and in the spiritual realm. Sending you good vibes, love, tranquility, safety and positivity! ❤❤❤

    Stay gold, stay pure, stay Human, stay You.

    Emmit love. Spread forgiveness and kindndess. Enjoy the journey, but never fake how you feel and let all the emotions flow.

    I love you. Abundance and love are entering your life now.⚡🌟🦋💙💛

  8. ‘Cosmic Tingle’ series 😊 love that! I swear I can feel this one right at the base of my spine.

    Such a fundamental energy and in such disarray these days with our collective separation from nature and Mother Earth 🌏 and the family structure breaking down in so many societies. You really couldn’t make enough of these healing sounds to go round.

    Many, many thanks 🙏 for this.

  9. The gracious thing known as peace, has been hidden under a rock for too long now. It is time for world peace, not world war. It’s time for world love, not world hate. Listen to my peace speech “Peaceful As The Flowers”, now on Youtube!

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