Salma Hayek Talks Marvel's 'The Eternals,' Donald Trump Exit, and 'Bliss' – Just For Variety

Salma Hayek stars in the new indie “Bliss” as a mysterious homeless woman named Isabel who befriends a man (Owen Wilson) who has just lost his job. Written and directed by Mike Cahill (“Another Earth” and “I Origins”), nothings nothing is as clear as it may seem in the film. Isabel is not only a drug addict, but she believes she’s living in one world while another version of herself, a scientist, lives in the much better “bliss world.”

“I was a fan of Mike’s work,” Hayek says on this week’s episode of the new Variety podcast “Just for Variety.” “I got a call from my agent who said, ‘Mike Cahill has a film and he wants you for the lead.’ And I go, “I love him.” They said, “He’s the director that did this and that movie.’ I said, ‘I know who he is. Are you kidding me?’ I got on the phone with him, and he had Mexican passion. I know he’s not Mexican, but he was so passionate.”

Hayek will make her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in “Eternals,” “Nomadland” helmer Chloé Zhao’s feature about immortal aliens secretly living on earth. The 54-year-old actor plays Ajak, leader of the super-powered race. “My agents were like, ‘A Marvel franchise!’” Hayek recalls. “I’m like, ‘Oh, my God. I’m working with Chloé!’ and so I was starstruck when she was talking to me on Zoom. That was very exciting.’”


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