'Soul' Cast On Getting Representation Right, Jamie Foxx On Playing The First Black Pixar Lead

“In my career I’ve never had to apologize for being Black,” Foxx revealed to Variety’s Angelique Jackson while discussing his next film Pixar’s “Soul.” I was on “In Living Color’ I had a Black boss, Black writers, Black creators… and then we went to the ‘Jamie Foxx Show,’ all Black. For me, I’ve never had to worry about turning my Black up or turning my Black down. I’ve just been me, and it’s always worked out for me. And I know that when I do that, great things come out of that So for me to be proud to say [I am] the first African American lead in Disney Pixar, that’s amazing, that feels good.”

In the credits big Hollywood names such as Kenya Barris, Ryan Coogler and Quincy Jones were noted in the special thanks section. “The wonderful thing about having all these voices chime in is that people realized, that in many cases, they all disagreed with one another other,” said writer and co-director Kemp Powers. “It was actually an attempt to kind of understand the diversity of thinking. I loved the fact that in many cases our consultants we had vigorous debates about a lot of the things in the film. This film involved a lot of discussion in the creation of it.”

“Soul” will premiere on Disney Plus on December 25th.



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