"SPARK from INFINITE" | 432Hz Surreal Sleep Music | Fall Asleep Fast

“SPARK from INFINITE” | 432Hz Surreal Sleep Music | Fall Asleep Fast

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The music and graphics in this video are inspired by an amazing quote by Rumi – We are all spark from the Infinite. We all have that portion of infinite energy, infinite creativity in us. We are came from that infinite source and we all will merge into that.

This sleep music is composed with 432Hz to help you fall asleep fast and beat insomnia. Let go of all the stress and anxiety and experience the deepest sleep yet.

Listen on a low volume when you sleep, preferably on speakers.

Composed, Arranged, Produced by @Dilpreet Bhatia at @Meditative Mind Studios.
Video and cover art features beautiful graphics by Zelenov Iurii (MM1484054939) . Motion Graphics by Meditative Mind Team.

ISRC : AUTMZ2010061
UPC : 9356546010395

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Healing Music for Meditation & Sleep

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  2. You are already there, already enlightened, already fulfilled, already happy. You just don’t know it yet 🤩 Keep listening to this gorgeous, magical music and let it sink in deeply just a little bit at a time. Many thanks 🙏 to the creator and may all blessings flow from my higher self to you and yours.

  3. It's only been playing for about 30 seconds and my eyes are becoming heavy. Or is it from the hot seaming detox bath I just took, either way sweet dreams peace and light to you all😘

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