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  1. Happy holidays! May you manifest all you wish for and more.

    I AM READY! NOW AVAILABLE] The New Book: Feel Alive By Ralph Smart: http://www.ralphsmart.com/thebook

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  2. Our Father> please Bless and protect All of the People who came to
    President Trumps aide during these difficult times
    I pray in the name of Jesus that Our President Donald J Trump
    will have Victory in winning this election>
    For the sake of America and its People>>
    Thank You Father for giving us what we need at this time>
    Thank You> God Bless America and we Love you God>

  3. Christmas came from the Christ, which came from the Greek Christos, which came from Krishna from the Vedas. It is about lighting up the Christ spark inside of you. That is why lighting the tree signifies lighting up your consciousness inside. The Bagavad Gita, as it is, describes how Arjuna has that crisis of consciousness as he realises that he does not want to kill members of his own family in battle. This is Krishna lighting up the spark in Arjuna to wake up and stop causing the problems from within. So the Saturnalian cult have inverted all of the celebrations we should have. It is 21st December which is the important day, which is the winter solstice. It is the four days of celebration that ends on 25th December that are important because we are coming out of the dark into the light. So this is a time to celebrate as we move towards the spring, and the rejuventating process. Great points as usual. Thanks for sharing and keep shining. πŸ™‚

  4. Yes you are absolutely correct…very well said…I am sharing this in the hope to wake up some ppl….to detach from the matrix….to witness the truth…omg I have lost so many friends…yes sober up…un numb yourselves people…the spell is over…thank you Ralph…πŸ˜‰β™₯️

  5. 3:49 It doesn't feel like the holidays, because the Antichrist is stretching his legs, he's getting up, go make that breakfast, quick, he might be hungry and make sure you say, "can I get a HELLoooo?"

  6. 9:45 No, the power is deception and if you're wise you see where it exists instrumentally to it's opposal, (not opposite, as in conflict) perception. You can't be a complete being if you don't have a left complete with that other left, known as the right. For the two truly are as one.

  7. 15:12 You're starting to make sense. So take your pick, a benevolent and protected petri dish (just look at the glory of the "Planet") or a stone in the middle of nowhere that should have been murdered by the explosions of a Tiamat, a long time ago.

  8. 16:12 The story not set stone,eh? So you know of stone technologies? And what you talking about, think of the children, you are the children the satanists or the inorganic ones if you will, are the adults. They got you thinking with stories that are not set in stone like, that this is your first time. The power of Silence, eh?

  9. I love your videos Ralph smart but this one i love when Ralph smart said 7 days vegan change that one got me and Ralph smart your videos puts my energy in a high vibe and i love in your videos you tell the truth all the time .

  10. Ralph i think i do love your love so much. You were the one bringing love to me in the worst moments. I anderstood some mental illness of mine which is to listen to much to that society driven mental. Thank you, for rising my smile, increasing my self confidence, improving my quality of present. Thank you so much Ralph πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’πŸ€—

  11. I love your personality. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. I can feel your energy and it’s definitely contagious. Thank you for that! Nonetheless you are speaking facts!!

  12. for me i had a girl that said the world was flat i said no way and i went on too prove her wrong in the end i found out some stuff i went and said too everybody that the world was flat and they lied too us in the end i realized i do not know nothing very thankful for the journey i went through .

  13. There are many people who were already on their past to waking up and realise a tion homa this is a mere trick people to be pulled back in. True, you can really tell that your representatives do not do that at all

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