Step-by-Step: Reality Shifting (SECRET to Shifting REVEALED)

Reality is much, much stranger than fiction.

In this video, I talk about my own experiences with astral traveling and how anyone interested in exploring other dimensions can begin their own journeys.

Many TikTokers have claimed they travel to “fictional” universes such as Hogwarts – could they be telling the truth, or are they victims of wild imaginations? Has Gen Z just discovered their imagination…or a secret way to exist in other dimensions?

What do YOU think of astral projection/lucid dreaming/”reality shifting”?

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Timestamp Menu:
[3:17] Understanding “Imagination” as “Reality”
[6:57] What You Need to Believe to Reality Shift
[12:30] How to Return to Your Body when Astral Traveling
[12:55] How to Deal with Lower-Frequency Beings
[15:33] Astral Projection/Reality Shifting Techniques
[18:54] Levels of Astral Projection


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