'Tenet' Production Designer Reveals Past Christopher Nolan Movie Easter Egg

“When you step into Chris’ world, you know you’re going to be engaged in something you’ve never done before,” “Tenet” production designer Nathan Crowley says on Variety Artisans, presented by Hamilton Watches. Crowley, a five-time Oscar nominee, is no stranger to working with director Christopher Nolan.

With “Tenet,” there were a lot of questions Crowley had that very similar to what the audience would be asking. “How does that work? What’s an algorithm? Is it a closed time loop?” Crowley says he asked to understand how the film would feel visually.

When it came to designing the action-packed, globe-trotting spy film, both he and Nolan liked to do things practically because “they’re more fun.” “We find when we shoot on a sound stage, we lose the energy, and a film like this needs a massive amount of energy,” Crowley says.

Crowley also revealed that an iconic Nolan prop from a previous film made its way back into “Tenet.” “We used those secret doors from ‘The Prestige’ magic cabinets, so you can run in and you can both come out,” he says.



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