The Bobby Brown Story – FULL Episode Part 1

Bobby Brown becomes one of the biggest and most successful entertainers in the world by the age of 20 and shocks the world with his marriage to Whitney Houston…but their shared struggle with addiction derails both of their careers and nearly kills Bobby. To stream the full series, visit BET+


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  1. Some observations…
    1.) Bobby was talented during his prime (I still jam to "Every Little Step I Take, On Our Own, and Roni" from time to time 😋)
    2.) He was and still is a narcissistic jerk who smeared Whitney for years, and even depicted her incorrectly at times in this bio pic
    3.) They could've found a prettier actress to play Robyn, since Robyn was gorgeous in her prime just like Whitney
    4.) Alicia clearly wanted herself depicted as someone 'sweet and nurturing' since in real life, she was a notorious head doctor, and stuck up golddigger who rejected men on the spot who weren't super famous…not to mention Bobby's mistress while he was married to Whitney 😖🙄😅

  2. The breakup reminds me of nwa kind of just a r&b version
    All friends
    All came up 2gether
    All got shitted outta $$$
    All got jealous at one another at one point
    Both had a member who was the media/fans/producer favorite
    All still became friends at the end of the day before it was said it done

  3. Damn, I didn't even know Bobby was knockin Janet off. She and I are the same age so she would've been 22 in 1989. Meanwhile, I was gettin kicked out the Navy boot in Ill. and hearing about the Piston's 2nd title. Bob was'ah damn playa, for real. That's crazy.

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