The Horizon – Custom Scooter Build by SkatePro #28 πŸ‘€

The competitors will definitely be able to see you come driving over “The Horizon” on our latest custom trick scooter. Primarily a mix of North Scooters and Root Industries parts because we thought they fit together, like bacon and eggs.

Mike and the crew at the workshop took out the binoculars and spotted a large list of parts. They have put it all together with great focus and precision. The parts are from North, Root, Titen, Longway and Trynyty.

It is a limited edition trick scooter and therefore only a small number are collected. The scooter is delivered completely assembled, built by our scooter experts, so you are sure to get a well-functioning top-class scooter. The price of the scooter includes additional costs for assembling the parts.

See the complete here! πŸ‘‡

1x North Horizon Deck
1x Root Standard T-Bar
1x North Amber 30mm Front Fork
1x Longway Precinct V2 SCS Clamp
1x Titanium Integrated Headset
1x North Signal Wheel (2-pack)
1x Trynyty Ethan Kirk Grip Tape
1x Root R2 Handle (2-Pack)


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