"The Void" is Real. (Reaction to "The Hamster Wheel)

…But it’s not all that’s real 🙂

Disclaimer/Trigger warning: This video talks about sensitive topics.

Today I wanted to respond to VonTooCut’s video “The Hamster Wheel” – this was requested a few times, I know that it’s not something I normally do on my channel, and I know this is a very specific video, but it’s important for me and my healing to share this.

Von’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO-9KYWjp6k&t=238s

I hope it can help someone out there who has been looking for help, too.

It was also important for me to be a reference for anyone who also experienced depersonalization/derealization from VonTooCut’s video.

This week, I’ve had a huge breakthrough in my mental health journey. It seems that there is a diagnosis for what I experienced in the last two years, and what many people who visit “The Void” might experience as well…

It’s called “Existential OCD” – and just knowing that I’m not the only one that suffers from what I’ve been going through, and that there is a community out there…and that there is TREATMENT…has been such a relief. Now that I know I didn’t “break” something in my mind through plant-medicine, I can seek treatment and work through this.

I would like to say that meditation, mindfulness, and spirituality have been my saving grace throughout my mental health battles. As many of you who know me may already know – I used to be heavily medicated for depression and anxiety.

I chose to heal myself, I chose to believe that I am the way that I am for a reason. I believe a lot of intuitives, empaths, psychics and healers experience similar things because we do not grow up in a world that supports our gifts and guides us on how to embrace them.

I encourage seeking help – therapist, hypnotherapist, healer, shaman, family, friend, whatever it may be – you do NOT need to go through this alone, whatever you’re going through.

I won’t be responding to comments as usual on this video because I’m a bit nervous about the reaction to me opening up about something that has been honestly haunting me, I hope you understand.


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