THROAT CHAKRA HEALING MUSIC || Overcome Shyness || Speak your INNER TRUTH || "Cosmic Tingle Series"

THROAT CHAKRA HEALING MUSIC || Overcome Shyness Speak your INNER TRUTH || “Cosmic Tingle Series”

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Music by @Dilpreet Bhatia
Motion Graphics by Meditative Mind Team.

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  1. ⚜️ 5th chakra, larynx chakra (Sanskrit: Vissudha = cleanse):
    ~ The throat chakra (also called the larynx chakra) is in resonance with the color sky blue and is the fifth main chakra on the neck, a little below the larynx. The throat chakra processes the energies of the wisdom body / higher mind. Its element is the ether.

    ⚜️ The themes of the throat chakra are:
    ~ Self-expression, truth, higher self, communication, integrity, authenticity, interdimensionality

    ⚜️ Meaning and task:
    ~ The throat chakra processes experiences of self-expression, especially the expression of our highest truth as a soul. It connects us to the higher, transpersonal mind. The throat chakra is the source of our understanding and communication skills. Our very own finding of truth is hidden in it, as well as the possibility to share it with our environment. Our contact with the outside world can take place through language, body language, thoughts and wishes. Acquired beliefs and beliefs are tested by activating the throat chakra in the light of one's own truth – self-determination, independence and freedom as a soul are achieved. This is where the uniqueness and individuality of our soul is expressed through communication, but also through creative self-expression in the world – through song, art, dance, music, acting, literature.
    ~ The throat chakra connects us with the higher mind, so that inner messages of the soul, one's own determination and synchronicities on the outside are unconditionally perceived, in the knowledge that the outer world is only a mirror of our inner being. In a spiritual sense, an open throat kra transcends the identification with the ego personality, we become our true selves and open ourselves to the higher truth of the subtle dimensions. The larger context behind things, the reality on the level of pure vibrations is recognized. The development of the throat chakra is particularly influenced by experiences between the ages of 16 and 21

    ⚜️ Open throat chakra:
    ~ People whose throat chakra is open are able to freely express themselves and their truth. They can show and express their feelings, thoughts and attitudes openly, in full acceptance of their own weaknesses. They are particularly good listeners because they can understand not only themselves but also others from the higher perspective. They are also good at improvising and are open to any kind of inspiration. These people speak with clarity and can get things to the point in a short amount of time. They love to communicate and don't shy away from arguing – it broadens their horizons. They can perceive their desires clearly and without further ado and are able to manifest them in their lives and make them come true. In addition, these people have an undisturbed expression of their intuition / soul and allow themselves to be guided by their inner guidance. You are authentic to yourself and others and gain integrity with your soul. The identification with the personality ceases and gives way to an opening for the unclouded expression of the soul

    ⚜️ Throat Chakra and Health:
    ~ From a physical point of view, the thyroid gland and the cervical plexus absorb the vital energy and pass it on to the following organ systems:
    /Neck and shoulders
    /the backs of the arms and hands
    /the ears and the nose
    /the sinuses, mouth, teeth, throat
    /Larynx, thyroid, parathyroid

    ⚜️ Disorders of the throat chakra:
    ~ The throat chakra processes our self-expression as being. Painful experiences in this regard or a lack of such expression can lead to a blockage of the throat chakra. Particularly difficult circumstances between the ages of 16 and 21 can inhibit the development of the throat chakra, so that those affected cannot clearly show themselves to the outside world.

    I always recommend: going to a doctor or alternative practitioner in the event of illness or health problems and getting professional help. From my point of view, information about a disturbance of the heart chakra can be helpful to a therapist experienced in energy work. The emphasis is on "can" because everyone is unique in their matter and being, so that each individual reacts differently to some things.

    In order to find the most suitable method for you, it is best to inform and read up on a wide variety of methods and variants via the internet.

    Sending light and love to you 🙇🏻‍♂️❤️

  2. Hey stranger scrolling down the comments!

    I just wanted to say that you ´re amazing and beautiful just the way you are!

    You should love yourself first because you ´re special and a legend! ❤❤

    Live your amazing life with your cute smile! 😊

    And don´t let someone break your happiness! 😎

    You have a great heart! A kind personality! 🤗

    I hope these simple words made your day 🙂

  3. These meditations videos you guys have created recently including this one , at meditative mind. They are incredible. So incredible that i'm after my awakening i have used hardcore hindu mantra, Parvati shiva ganesh krishna. Each day, trancestate but i have not really been that into the chakras. Meh whatever i had thought. But the last two days have been amazing and speedily for my recovery. So speedily infact that after anahata and solar plexus video like this one and they were mild in comparison to this one. This one realigned all the muscles off my spinalcord, released the muscles and relaxed them into the very core of my bones. They aligned my head, which has had some damaged because of to much shrooms and whatnot and antipsychotics. Iam on them now, but i use them as a tool for breaking through obstacles now instead. Its like something out of the old tales my Awakening. I have used incredible entheogenes in my home in the past. Iboga ayahuasca san pedro and magic mushrooms. And it was fun, and it has been according to fate so much so that i have discovered the ultimate. The ultimate path, there reside a young boy inside of me or i inside of him, who is 31 years old but he feels like 19. He has carried me through over 20 years of extreme hardships torment humiliation poverty mockery and outrigth disgust by society even though he was the most couragous and innocent and curious little boy i have seen. His stuff is the stuff of legends not mine, and all of it the world will probably never know. How do you speak words after you reach total enligthenment after so many years, what do you say and what do you do. Do you give to the world that never gave you or do you continue living inside the boy as someone that gives that young boy a legendary tale in the adventures of his dreams and visions of what the future could be even though hope always was slim. He carried on even though no one believe in him And had the abuse of psychiatric care and had to be clever and secret yet he could not be secret. I dont know. I feel the embrace of my soul, and truly he is great. So great infact that ialmost can't believe it. We live in times when stuff like this is not allowed and you are not allowed to believe in legends and gods like this. They are banned since so long ago. Yet i have passed all the test and i still say i want to remain on this earth and i want to live my life as my persona as a poor young guy that has a unique flavourfull lifestyle but we will see. i just want to say thank you for creating these videos, you are guided more now then you could possibly understand, or maybe you do, but truly you are guided by forces that are great upon this earth. and its not you alone, we are all guided. But we carry karma, the whole of the earth carries karma. That is why we are in such a state of disrepair and thats why even the so called enligthened masters of this world are ignorant and dogmatic in their beliefs and idoctrinated into the powerstructure of the mediamachine. Mankind has always been guided and thus will always be. because in mankind lies something so sacred and holy that even the gnostics that study it, have no idea of what it is. But i think iam beginning to understand. Each man and woman have the possibility of carrying the creator as the created with his divine soul within him. Imagine what a world that would be. Were everyone was so aware of their created creation that they were in awe for themself and eachother. and yet so much much much more. What lies in store for mankind in the coming millenia will make atlantis and lemuria seem like nothing. Those were ignorant times even if life was good and spiritually high. The time of mana are always ignorant because man and god alike are at their fullest capacity. But here on planet earth we get the oppertunity to create a marvelous adventure with our life if we can stand against the materias pull for domination over our minds, its like carrying a heavy chain and a ring and watching something like frodo at galadriel. You get pulled into it. Most of people are swimming in attachment for the materia in themself and around them. Enligthenment is about overcoming the illusory effects of maya and the materia. So that we can be masters over ourselfs and our temples. Because think about it. If you have soul and you have spark of spirit and you inhabit and incarnate into the womb of your mother and your spark your soul grows up to be a man or a woman. At one point in time that spark or that soulful essence was infact truly realized that it was not infact the material body, often times we are enligthened as children but do not realise it because we do not know ourself yet so fully. What i mean to say is. that our conciousness is like a star that has got stuck in the mud. We must realize that we are not the body to such a degree that we are meditating inside our minds that we go down to our very own bones in the meditation. This is not a doctrine, this is a deep soulful journey through the materia of this world to realise if i should stay or go, but i like it here because of its density. Otherwise god or krishna wouldnt have created our temples for us to inhabit even though we can be born as gods and devatas in higher realms..

  4. My throat hurts by ashes in
    California even I put mask on. People have to wake up what's in your heart?
    Is there God living ? or he is dead. What's your truth that you feel happiness and life is fulfilled? "Love is solution for all" if you activated your God within you . Let's make beautiful earth stand up together.

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  6. Vishuddha

    Vishuddha, or Vishuddhi, or throat chakra is the fifth primary chakra according to the Hindu tradition of tantra. Endocrine: Thyroid. The residing deity of this chakra is Panchavaktra shiva, with 5 heads and 4 arms, and the Shakti is Shakini.

  7. Everyone here and beyond is valid! If you are struggling, know that you're amazing whether you have doubts about it or not. No matter how you identify, you're worthy of life, love, and the overall joys of life! Sending love to wherever all of you may be! <3

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