Turning A Dress into A Swimsuit | Thrifted Transformations

It isn’t summer unless I create a swimsuit tutorial! I really wanted this to work out but struggled with so many things along the way. Hope you still enjoyed it though 🙂

If anyone wants an animation made for their channel, brand, event or whatever you can reach out to Kody! He made mine and it’s so cute and so ME! Here’s his email: kody.lee@live.com

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  1. Anyone else been feeling uninspired by everything going on or should I say, not going on this year? I've been feeling so down lately and been stuck in a creative rut but hopefully this video will get my creative juices flowing again. Let me know what you're interested in seeing next! ~April

  2. 💗Yo acabo de comenzar mi negocio de ropa femenina hecha a mano, es ropa colorida y muy femenina, con un toque elegante pero sin perder el toque casual. Espero tener su apoyo en mis inicios, les dejo mi Instagram por si gustan visitarme @damroseclothing 💗🌺

  3. You are such an inspiration. It is difficult times, but thank you soo much for sharing. You teach us never to give up. Although you weren't completely happy with the end product it still was an amazing learning tutorial. xx

  4. Hi…..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a video on how to make zimmermann unbridled chevron panel (nude colour) skirt and blouse separately…….i really want to know how to make the skirt and blouse….PLEASE😊

  5. Times are hard right now, but you are so inspirational! Please dont give up. You inspired me to start sewing and making thrifted transformations. Of course there are some projects that won't turn out quite right, but we get back on the horse! Maybe try out some home good transformations?

  6. hey girl! the bathing suit came out cute even after all the struggles along the way. ❤️I have a free bodysuit sloper (size 6) on my channel bc I know that bodysuit/swimwear patterns can be super tricky!! using a sloper frees up time to be creative and have more control over the design since the fit is already perfect! I’m not sure if my sloper is your size but I definitely recommend looking into slopers!! it saves a lot of frustration I promise haha

  7. Thank you for sharing! I've been watching your videos for years, and always felt you were so infallible. I really appreciate you sharing a project that you're less than happy with. This swimsuit is as awesome as your other thrift flips, if not more. Thank you!

  8. I've never tried sewing any super stretchy materials yet simply because I've seen my former classmates struggle. This reminds me of the summer after just a few lessons that I decided to make tap pants to wear during the hot summer months (pajamas). I didn't leave myself enough length so I gave up on finishing the edge and was left with what could be described as underwear Wilma Flintstone or Betty Rubble might wear. Trying to get my sewing mojo back and watch all my fave YouTubers. Love from southern Cali

  9. APRIL Please help me 🙏🏻😇❤️
    I’m planning to buy sewing machine for the 1st time, here in Australia. And I don’t know which one should I buy or what brand. Please tell me which one is good for beginner with good quality? Or what are the things should I check when buying sewing machine?

    I’m just making dresses for me and for my baby girl tho. 🤗💕 thank you in advance.

  10. Same here! But I like watching your video's…I am looking more interesting and fun to make…I sew 2018 but We move and start again this year… it is my firstime on youtube but I kept myself going coz I want to put my creations in my channel…

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