1. I totally agree with motivational videos. The thing that gets ME is this channel we're watching is 'Law of Attraction', which I use. The WHOLE entire video is people running, playing basketball, lifting weights, etc. I've done it ALL.. for YEARS as a teen and young adult. People are more SPIRITUAL now, and life isn't all about athletics to everyone anymore. Imo, these are HOBBIES, GAMES, etc.. and unless you are trying to make it to the NBA, be a world-class weightlifter, etc., these visuals SHOULD BE of a millionaire sitting on a yacht, driving a Bentley coup, etc. I don't know.. just my opinion. These videos are not Law of Attraction videos to me. It's a compilation of ppl screaming to LIVE YOUR LIFE, which I believe we're ALL trying to do. There is no Law of Vibration, Law of Attraction meditation tips here. This is 3D living.. when we're trying to elevate with the SPIRITUAL with the Laws of the Universe. I understand to PUSH HARDER, NEVER QUIT.. but these are the SAME EXACT thing our parents taught us EONS ago. This is a DELUTED vision of the 'Laws'🤪. Namaste!

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