“You will own nothing, and you will be happy”? | The Great Reset

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  1. Good afternoon from London Ralph, yes its true. The powers that be want to make up our minds when we should be making up our own. We shall overcome if we wake up.. Thank you so much for your free time and videos.. 💯🙏🏽❤️

  2. According to Credo Mutwa, the Zulu shaman and prognosticator, they created the virus to create this poopycock control grab. They are trying so hard to do this but it’ll falter. Long live capitalism, True freedom, and love.

  3. One one hand i would support lab-grown meat bc there would be less animal suffering, but at the same time they'll grow other food in a lab too which would greatly reduce the personal element of growing and cooking your own food

  4. I remembered the day I found your channel Ralph and from this day my life has never been the same,thank you infinite waters,I am a deep diver and diving deeper every single day. Love to everyone watching this video.stay alert out there.

  5. What countries will run the world?
    Buntings clover leaf, Belt and Road initiative.
    Russia, Israel, China, Iran.
    Ai already monitor data analytics so plans can be manipulated and moved according to our online behaviour.

    The destruction of free agency.

    Communitarianism here we come.

  6. Once your FLAT you never Globe back!( We are not spinning 1,000 miles a hour ( The mother of all Lies)… research David Weiz& DITRH channel… YT if you can or other platforms 👍

  7. Ralph “ The world would be a much better place without that lot!😈who the fck do they think they all are, when they are the ones creating the Plandemics world wide, there is no climate change! Just them creating it for more greed and control lining their pockets , next they will be charging for fresh air!! By five years time, it’s all BS, just follow the money, always… they don’t give a flying duck for the 99 per cent worldwide!!!!

  8. For everybodys information: the stress in "Davos" is on the second syllable. So it's pronounced da-VOS instead of DA-vos. It's Switzerland, not GoT, lol…. sending kindest regards to everyone reading! Hebids guet ond luegid zonenand 🙂

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